LiveText is a browser-based web application that enables institutions to systematically collect data for assessing student learning. Through its digital workspace, LiveText has the capability to measure assignments, journals, evaluations, and academic artifact collections, all of which are grounded in student learning outcomes and the institutional mission. The system stores and organizes data for reporting using analytics.

Frequently Asked Questions

LiveText website:

How do I obtain a LiveText account?

If you are interested in using LiveText, please contact Atlas Yu to request an account.

I have an account, but I need some help starting.

Assessment Tutorial: How to assess a student assignment
How to complete a AIS Report in LiveText
How to review an AIS Report in LiveText
How to complete an assignemnt in LiveText - ILO Project
LiveText Purposeful Assessment Planning
LiveText Help Center
LiveText Webinar Training (ongoing): Schedule & Descriptions and Registration

Is there a support team at Pepperdine that can help me?

Technical Support: Atlas Yu
Assessment Consultant: Lisa Bortman
Seaver College: Atlas Yu and Kelly Okerson
Graziadio School of Business and Management: James Berneking
School of Law: Katie Dodds and Michael Vogt
Graduate School of Education And Psychology: Amy Tuttle-Guerrero
School of Public Policy: Michael Shires
Student Life: Brad Dudley