Innovation in Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Mini Grant


For a copy of the application, please download here.

Deadline for submission of applications

Applications accepted on a rolling basis.


The Office of Institutional Effectiveness is pleased to make available financial resources to assist faculty with activities associated with student learning outcomes assessment. The goal of the mini-grant is to provide funding opportunities to faculty and staff to assist with assessment data collection and analysis using the AMS, LiveText. New development of sound assessment practices at the program, general education or core competency level encourages professional development associated with outcome assessment and strengthens the infrastructure for the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Mini-Grant:Awards up to $5,000. The purpose of a mini-grant is to provide start-up funds for a new initia-tive directly related to the program's outcomes assessment plan. Innovation in learning outcomes assessment is an important aspect of building a culture that uses evidence to shape decision making and curriculum development. Recipients may be asked to present their findings at Pepperdine and at the WASC Academic Resource Conference in spring of the following academic year the grant was awarded. Award recipients are encouraged to pursue publication in one of the many teaching and learning journals. In addition, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness should be considered as a resource during the course of the project. Please note: Grant amounts depend on the number of PLOs or outcomes being assessed and the quality of the assessment methodology proposed. The time frame can be 1 to 2 years. Applications can come from individuals or teams. Using Livetext software for assessment of learning outcomes is a key aspect of this grant.


The application must be typed, dated and sent to the ASLC via email attachment to by the due date. Initiatives with funds from other sources are ineligible for the mini-grant. Faculty who hold senior administrative roles (e.g., associate dean or higher) are also ineligible for funds.


Faculty who are involved with the development and implementation of program-outcomes assessment activities are welcome to apply for support from the ASLC.