Program Review Schedule

2017 — 2018
University Payson Library
Seaver Fine Arts
International Programs
Career Center
Disability Services Office
Great Books
Fine Arts
Core Competency Critical Thinking
Student Affairs Chaplain’s Office
Student Activities
Institutional Learning Outcome Service
2018 — 2019
University Registrar and Advising
SPP School of Public Policy
Seaver Social Science ~ GE Human Institutions and Behavior
Seaver GE First Year Seminar
GE Literature
Core Competency Quantitative Reasoning with GE Math, GE Lab Science
Student Affairs Student Employment
Counseling Center including Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse
Prevention Program
2019 — 2020
Graziadio Graziadio and AACSB
GSEP Student and Career Services
Seaver Business AACSB with Graziadio
Religion and Philosophy ~ GE Christianity and Culture
Core Competency Written communication with GE Eng. Comp. – ENG 101, Junior Writing Portfolio
Student Affairs Intercultural Affairs
Pepperdine Volunteer Center
Institutional Learning Outcome Purpose
2020 — 2021
GSEP Education and Psychology with APA
Seaver International Studies and Languages ~ GE Language
Core Competency Oral Communication, Presentation Skills
Student Affairs Campus Recreation
Institutional Learning Outcome Diversity
2021 — 2022
GSEP Education
Seaver Teacher Education
Seaver GE GE Western Culture
Core Competency & Seaver GE Information Literacy, Research Methods
Student Affairs Community Standards
Housing and Residence Life
Student Health Center
Institutional Learning Outcome Leadership
2022 — 2023
Seaver Humanities
Natural Science ~ GE Lab Science